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They can help workplace productivity

Flowers look and smell amazing, but that’s not all they do! Studies and scientific evidence have proven that having flowers in the workplace can increase our ability to work better. This is for a number of reasons, for both men and women.

A study that was carried out in America over an eight month period, found that both men and women performed better in an environment that was decorated with fresh plants and flowers. This was in terms of innovative thinking, generating good ideas and problem solving.

On average if found that there was a around 30% more ideas generated in an office with flowers than when in an office that was sparse and dull.

Happy staff 

Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh flowers on a dull Monday morning? Flowers in the office are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. Flowers are brilliant for perking everyone up, including visitors attending meetings at your office.

Looking at bright, colourful flowers instead of drab colourless office walls is to start everyone’s day off in a good way – therefore creating better work.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce!

An easy way to redecorate

If you’re like to switch the decor of your office often, then flowers and plants are a wonderful option. They are a cost and effective way to  make  a bold change in your work place which will not involve lots of work or cause disruption.

A huge bouquet of colourful flowers can make an otherwise neutral room look bright and cheerful, create a welcoming entrance-way, or make a stunning centrepiece for your meeting room.

Improve memory and concentration

Various studies have shown that flowers can improve a person’s memory and make them concentrate a lot better in the workplace.

People believe that the presence and influence of nature can help people improve memory and their attention span by up to 20%. They increase a person’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand, and complete it to a higher quality. Brilliant!

Studies show that the effect of nature in the workplace can stimulate the sense and the mind, therefore improving mental cognition and performance.

As you can see – adding flowers and plants to your workplace has so many advantages, so what are you waiting for?

It’s good to share ….

Denise McCormack

Denise McCormack

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Hi I am Denise, the owner of Pink & Perfect, an independent florists and gift shop based in Maidenhead Berkshire. 

I love running my shop in my home town, and being able to share my love of flowers with all my friends, family and neighbours.  

I have always enjoyed creating with flowers and after qualifying as a florist, some years ago now, I have been very fortunate to have been able to make it my career.  

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