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“What is a hand tied bouquet?” This is an interesting question and one that I have been asked on many occasions. On the face of it the answer would seem obvious; but in fact the term ‘hand tied bouquet’ is commonly misused. I frequently see the term used incorrectly in books and articles. The term “hand-tied” refers to the method in which the  bouquet is constructed, and not the final shape of the bouquet.  A posy, a round bouquet or a cascade bouquet can all be “hand-tied”.

There are different methods that can be used to construct a bouquet which are possibly easier and valid (foam, plastic holders etc) but they never seem quite as good, pleasing to handle, strong or as confident as a correctly constructed hand tied bouquet.

So Hand-Tying, whilst slightly difficult when you first start; once mastered and you have conquered the technique and developed your skill is in fact quite straightforward. I can still remember being a student fighting with many an unruly bouquet while learning this technique, but perseverance is a wonderful thing. 

How is it done ....

Your bouquet is constructed by taking each individual flower stem and arranging them together while holding them all in one hand, rotating the arrangement as you decide where to add each stem to ensure their shape, colour and texture compliment each other and the balance of the bouquet is maintained as we form the final arrangement. As the bouquet builds you can find yourself holding 50 stems at a time depending on what you have been asked to create.

OK, now the arrangement is complete. We now need to tie the stems together while still maintaining the bouquets shape and construction. Interestingly every florist seems to develop their own favorite way to tie. I use the rubber band method – it’s the easiest! So now the bouquet is tied and all the stems are being held firmly in place.

Next we need to decide on how to manage the flower stems. They could be cut to fit into a vase, or left long enough to form a handle and wrapped in ribbon to make a hand held bouquet. If the bouquet is going to be presented in an aqua-pack then the stems need to be cut in such a way that the bouquet will stand straight if placed unsupported on a flat surface.

Finally we need to wrap the bouquet in paper & cellophane. I try to only use paper these days (reducing the use of plastic) and we are done. Oh and not forgetting to ask if you would like a ribbon and bow, eh viola!

Another beautiful hand tied bouquet by Pink & Perfect Florists. I hope this post has answered your question.

It’s good to share ….

Denise McCormack

Denise McCormack

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I have always enjoyed creating with flowers and after qualifying as a florist, some years ago now, I have been very fortunate to have been able to make it my career.  

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